Danger Game at B.C.

Brian Horace General Information 0 Comments

As Steve Irwin used to say…”Danger, Danger, Danger.” With such a quick turnaround from the Georgia Tech game to this one this could be a Georgetown Massacre in the making. It will, however show what Duke has learned from what happened last week. No one should take too much comfort in the fact that Duke won by 20 in the last game. Firstly, it was in Cameron, secondly it was a close game for most of it. It was only 3 point game at the half.

This is a road game, on short rest, against a team that by all accounts is improving. Should Duke win this game it definitely will be a very good sign of things to come.

I’ve been a Duke fan for as long a I can remember, been actively writing about the team since probably 2006 or so, seriously since 2009. I am a homer so expect no less than that. I always welcome suggestions no matter how blunt. I am also a huge music fan, not genre specific and by music fan I mean music snob. Enjoy.