• Ehh…I’ve seen better. I’m probably too old school though.

  • admin

    Yeah not my cup of tea.

  • kostar

    maybe its my laptop but the color, its just a bit too close to the other blue i don’t like you know the unc “baby blue”

  • Kirsten S.

    I definitely agree with kostar – the color is just too similar to the Carolina blue. However, other than the color, the jersey is almost exactly the same as the jerseys from last year. The only difference I see is the Nike logo switched from the left to the right chest and the black lines switched to white and vice versa – for example, last year’s “v neck” was black.

    If the color will be the typical Duke blue, I can say I like the new uniforms.

  • admin

    Yeah the changes aren’t too major but its gotta be original Duke blue.