Rodney Hood and His Summer Grind

Brian Horace General Information, Results/Thoughts 0 Comments

Really hard not to be excited about what Rodney Hood is bringing to the table at Duke. Here is his Summer Grind video. Not sure what’s greater, his wanting to be on the court or Duke fans wanting to see him. People keep asking where the leadership is going to come from on this team, it’s going to be a group of guys who have been through some wars on the court. Tyler Thornton, Andre Dawkins and Mr. Hood are going to lead this team.

I’ve been a Duke fan for as long a I can remember, been actively writing about the team since probably 2006 or so, seriously since 2009. I am a homer so expect no less than that. I always welcome suggestions no matter how blunt. I am also a huge music fan, not genre specific and by music fan I mean music snob. Enjoy.